Ailala red

An aged, dry red wine practically single variety (85%) Sousón from the vines of the Valley of Avia: Esposende, on mainly sandy and clay soils.

Ailalá gives us the Sousón with some Brancellao, Caiño Longo and Ferrol and 4 months of ageing soften the tannins of the Sousón. It is a fresh, bright wine with red fruits very apt for octopus, steak. It can be served at 16ºC and is perfect for summer or for stews and winter dishes.

Tasting notes: aromas of cinnamon, cherry, lilacs, chalk, pencil. Blonde tabaco, violets, fruits of the forest yoghurt. In the mouth it presents as a sappy wine, with a fatty tact. The tannins are rounded and sweet. The finish is long and reminds us of fresh red fruits.